Empowering Autism/ADHD Care Through AI

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Welcome to Project Matty - your partner in child healthcare. We focus on enhancing the lives of children with ADHD and autism using innovative AI technology. Our platform aids in early detection and precise care, personalized for each child's needs. We go beyond diagnosis, providing interactive AI companions to help develop essential skills in a fun, engaging way. With Project Matty, advanced and affordable care for neurodevelopmental challenges is no longer a dream, but a reality. Together, let's empower every child's journey.

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ADHD and Autism:

Common Than You Might Think

Did you know that Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) touches the lives of 1 out of every 54 kids? This condition can make socializing and communication a bit tricky and lead to certain repeat behaviors and interests. It's like living in a world that's wired a little differently!

186 million


ADHD is pretty common, impacting around 5 to 10 out of every 100 kids globally—that's up to a staggering 186 million! These lively youngsters may act quickly, struggle to focus, and affect their school life, friendships, and feelings. It's a wild ride, and with so many children experiencing this and other conditions like autism, it's clear why understanding and supporting them is so crucial.

Project M.A.T.T.Y:

Making Good Changes

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Spotting Early, Helping Fast

Thanks to our cool AI tech, Project Matty helps catch signs of autism and ADHD early. This means kids can start getting the help they need sooner, making a big difference in their lives.

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Making Learning Fun

Project Matty's virtual pets aren't just fun; they help kids develop important skills. They help make school and community life easier and more inclusive for every kiddo out there.

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Care For All

Project Matty uses AI to make quality care for autism and ADHD more affordable. We're all about making sure every family can get the help they need, no matter their budget. Now, that's a change worth making!

M.A.T.T.Y ?

Like Tony Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S, we have M.A.T.T.Y - our super smart tool for Managing Autism/ADHD Through Texting to You. Named after a special friend, M.A.T.T.Y is all about using text chat to understand and help kids with autism and ADHD. It's our dream to make M.A.T.T.Y as advanced as J.A.R.V.I.S, and with each child we support, we're making that dream come true. Join us on this exciting journey!

Artificial Intelligence Technology

How M.A.T.T.Y works

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First Hello !

The journey begins when you, as a parent, start interacting with our AI. It's like meeting a new person who's keen to understand more about your child and your observations about them.

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Our Friendly Detective

As we get to know each other better, the AI collects important observations about your child through your descriptions. It checks back with you, confirming its understanding and asking more detailed questions about your child.

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Mastermind at Work

The AI begins to analyze the data collected, searching for patterns that might indicate ASD. Think of it as a friend who's always there to offer thoughtful insights about your child.

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Expert Eyes

An ASD specialist reviews the AI's initial diagnosis to ensure its accuracy. This step offers you the certainty of having an expert opinion on your side.

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Your Personal Journey

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the AI, along with the specialist, tailors a support plan unique to your child's needs. Your child's journey is now set, with our AI continually supporting and learning alongside your child.

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M.A.T.T.Y's Magic: AI with Heart

Imagine having a friendly chatbot that's a great listener, gathering info about your kid's behaviors. It's like a detective, picking up signs of autism or ADHD. But, here's the cool part: this smart AI is also a quick learner! It takes all it has learned and uses that to create a tailor-made virtual pet for each child. These digital pals aren't just fun, they're designed to interact with your kid in ways that help them practice important skills. It's personalized, it's engaging, and it's all about helping kids shine. That's the magic of Project Matty!

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Let's talk!

Project M.A.T.T.Y





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